Avasa is a home furnishing brand with a focus on natural, sustainable, organic fabrics. Avasa evokes a feeling of comfort and style with rich fabrics and unique designs. We are passionate about giving our customers the finest in hand crafted, luxury linens. We define our style as Casual Luxury.

With an attention to detail and a commitment to the environment and the social advancement of the artisans and workers involved, Avasa focuses on sustainable and washable fabrics. We ensure our goods are manufactured in socially compliant work spaces committed to fair labor and trade practices.

Abi Sood
Founder & CEO

Abi was born and raised around the textile business. His family's sourcing business has been operating out of India since the 1960s, sourcing products from all over south Asia and offering them to the world. After joining the family business for a short time in the 1990s, Abi decided to break off on his own and started manufacturing home textiles. With almost 20 years of experience under his belt, the idea for Avasa was born in 2014. With a keen eye for design, a deep knowledge of the handicrafts available in the region and the technical understanding of the production process, Abi launched Avasa to offer his take on the new global village.

Abi is the lead designer of the Avasa collection and oversees manufacturing and private label projects.

Joanna Sood
Director of Business Development

Instead of growing up around the textile business, Joanna married into it! After a career in the insurance industry in the US, she jumped in to help Abi when Avasa started to grow. 

Joanna oversees the fulfillment team, works closely with the Avasa sales reps and just generally tries to keep everyone organized!

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